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  • 1979 - PT.Indoprima Gemilang signed a Technical Assistance Agreement with MK Kashiyama Corporation from Nagano, Japan, for the manufacturing of automotive brake-shoe in Indonesia.
  • 1993 - A Joint-venture investment agreement was signed by PT.Indoprima Gemilang, MK Kashiyama Corp., Kashiyama Kanagata Industries, Wintee Corp., and Goei Trading Co. PT.MK Prima Indonesia was established in Gresik, East-Java.
  • 1994 - The production facilities were built and machines were installed.In September, trial production was started.
  • 1995 - Commercial production started:
    - brake-shoes and brake-pads for domestic and export markets
    - press-stamping dies, and moulds for internal use and export.

  • 1996 - Started producing asbestos-free brake-shoes and pads for the export market.

  • 1997 - ISO 9002 certification by Benchmark Australia. Mould & dies section started doing jobs for Denso, Rinnai, etc.

  • 2000 - Underway expansion of production capacities to 100,000 sets/month each for brake-shoes and brake-pads.

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